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Hi, we are Gabriel and Cecilie.


We've been encouraged to tell you a bit more about ourselves.


Gabriel is from Santa Cruz, California and Cecilie is from Randers, Denmark. Together we have our amazing little daughter Lucia Rae who is 2,5 years old. Cecilie is a trained visual artist and we are both professional musicians. Together we have a band called Gate to Venus. 


Before we visited Strynø in 2020, we had each lived many years in NYC followed by 1.5 years in Berlin. As soon as we set foot on Strynø, we fell in love with the community and nature and thought this would be the perfect place to follow our dream of creating an international music and visual arts residency with a gallery, bistro, music studio and event space. We started doing small house concerts and exhibitions and quickly realised there was a lot of local support on the island. 


Now we've bought the farm by the water and are offering the barns to the island so we can create a real event space outside our private home. We have involved a lot of our neighbors and created an association and can see that there is a lot of support for the project. People are engaged and really want to see the project happen. A lot of people have volunteered within their professions and our international art and music communities are showing interest.

We are passionate about creating an exclusive space for culture. If you are interested in what else we do, feel free to visit our websites linked below.

Thank you to Underværker and Realdania for the support of the project!

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