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Cecilie Beck Gordon: 71312894

About the Project
We wish to transform a farm on Strynø's North into a space for music, visual art and gourmet food. Through our international network of musicians and visual artists, we will curate a strong cultural program. During daytime hours, the bistro will also serve as the island's first open office space. ISLA will empower the local community with culture and economy. The project was granted funds from Realdanias campaign Underværker under the name Stella Polaris Arts. The new name ISLA  was since then created with the locals during an activity day at the place.
A quick introduction video to the project. Since the video was made the project changed name from SPA to ISLA

What is the idea?
The purpose of this project is to create a cultural gem in the South Funen archipelago.

Strynø is already rich in community and in cultural initiatives. The islanders show strong support for local initiatives. With just 220 inhabitants, we have 19 nationalities.

In our association, we want to create ISLA as a place where we nourish the body, mind and soul of our international art community with art, music and good food based on vegetables, meat and drinks from local farms.

We want to bring artists, musicians and guest chefs from our international community to Strynø and contribute to the island with culture.


Where will the idea be developed?
The project will take place at Nørrevej 9 on Strynø.
Before the initiators Gabriel and Cecilie visited Strynø in 2020, they had lived in NYC for many years, followed by 1,
5 years in Berlin. As soon as they set foot on Strynø, they fell in love with the community and nature and thought this would be the perfect place to follow their dream of creating an international music and visual art residency with a gallery, music studio and event space. They started doing small house concerts and exhibitions and quickly realised there was a lot of local support and that people enjoyed the events. Now they've bought the waterfront farm and offer the barns for the project.

What does the development of the project include?
The project includes a barn for the event space and bistro and a section of another barn that will be converted into bathrooms and a kitchen. Another barn will house 4 rooms and a luxury apartment. There will also be workspaces for visiting artists and a music recording studio.
The walls will be insulated, heating will be installed, kitchen and bathrooms will be built. The roof needs to be repaired with existing slate roof tiles. There is an indoor walkway from the kitchen and bathroom to the event space, which can also be accessed via the courtyard. The location of the bathroom and kitchen is based on existing sewerage and water pipes and is located in the center of all the barns, so that a new phase of the project can later be developed and expanded into a residency for musicians and visual artists. 

As an association, we will invite international artists and guest chefs to come and join us. We will involve young teenagers and other interested people in volunteering and help educate them in the event industry as well as the music industry and artworld. We want to create cultural events and have an ambition to become a destination star which people from all over the world will want to visit.


Who is behind the project?
Musician Gabriel Beck Gordon and musician/visual artist Cecilie Beck Gordon own the farm and live there with their daughter Lucia Rae. Together with local friends they're developing their dream. 

Active professional forces on the project: 

John Rendboe, project leader, Culture Analytics

Anna Mette Exner, Architect

Cecilie Noreng, Sociologist

Michael Finke, Landscape Architect

Laurenz Aselmeier, Social Scientist

Cecilie Beck Gordon, songwriter, producer and visual artist

Gabriel Beck Gordon, guitarist, songwriter and producer

How to involve the local community?
The municipality of Langeland has often written to us to ask us to host cultural events. We look forward to taking these events out of the private sphere and contributing from a community house where more forces from the local society are involved. We want to attract visitors from all over the world and have a direct economic impact on our small island community.
The association consists of neighbors of ISLA  as well as other artists and musicians on the island and abroad. Together we will run the space and help each other to involve local power and initiatives on the island. We look forward to working with many of the small associations on the island.


Who does the project benefit and how?
Our two communities: The local islanders, and our international network of artists.

We create an event space that will contribute to the cultural diversity on Strynø and bring new experiences to the island - both for the local population, tourists and cultural creators. ISLA is creating a volunteer program so that young people on the island can gain work experience. Gabriel has played on more than 120 music albums and released 19 albums of his own. He has played stadions around the world. Cecilie holds a master of fine arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and is an active visual artist and musician. Together they have a vast network of cultural creators to whom they wish to offer exclusive experiences in the quiet nature.

How and how much is the site open to the public?
We see a great need for a co-working space for the small independent businesses on the island. There is no other place on the island that is open all year round where you can have a cup of coffee and sit and socialise, work on your computer or read a book. 

We are planning to show exhibitions and have concerts, when international established artists visit ISLA. These events will be open to the public.



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