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ARTIST RETREAT (REFUGIUM) winter 2023-2024

Artist retreat on the Strynø farm winter 2023-2024!

We have received support from Realdanias  Campaign Underværker and are in the process of a feasibility study for the cultural center ISLA (@isla_denmark).

As part of this feasibility study, we are interested in offering a winter retreat for professional musicians, visual artists and poets. The house is available from November 21st to February 21st.

ISLA is located on Nørrevej 9 on Strynø and it is an old farm where the main building will be used as a retreat. There are 152 square meters available with 3 rooms and 3 living rooms, a large kitchen, a bathroom with a shower and toilet and a 2nd sink and toilet (WC). The artist is welcome to bring their family. One of the rooms can be used as a studio. There is a large greenhouse that be used as an indoor/outdoor studio.

The artist is also welcome to use the barns as a studio, and we can even leave a car (Peugeot Partner) in the garage for use for a small extra fee.

It costs DKK 7117 per month to keep the house running (including fire insurance and internet). This amount does not include firewood (for the 2 wood burning stoves), electricity and water, which must be paid according to consumption. There is an air to air heater and electric radiators.

The house is the project owners' own private house, and since we are going to the USA to establish international connections in connection with the feasibility study, it makes sense that the house is included in the feasibility study. In the future, a new apartment will be built in a barn and be used as a retreat.

You are of course welcome to contact us at 71312894 or via this email:

All the best,

Cecilie Beck Gordon and Gabriel Beck Gordon

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